True Mystery


True Mystery - Sheffield - November 2014



3 thoughts on “True Mystery

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    1. Thank you. I was just framing up the shot to exclude a gym sign about the poster board when the chap walked round the corner. I took the shot in a rather more hasty manner than normal and couldn’t believe my luck when I saw how the frame of the words stopped just before the figure as he walked into shot. I was on single frame shooting so it wasn’t selected from a burst of frames. If I hadn’t already been framing up the shot I’d have missed this one. Best wishes, Mr Cafe 🙂

  1. Tremendous shot Mr Cafe, I love the warped poster too – the words are so true. Another B&W masterpiece if I may be so bold to suggest. I’ll be in touch soon, things are not too great at the moment. It’s times like this I’m glad someone as obviously talented as your good self has a camera in his hands just when it matters. Best wishes, talk soon.

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