Castle House – Stairs

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11 thoughts on “Castle House – Stairs

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    1. It is a fantastic staircase. The height of the handrail and rails at the top have been raised with a plastic coated steel handrail which sits above the original wooden rail. I imagine this was for added safety just in case people found themselves feeling dizzy! Best wishes, Mr Cafe 🙂

    1. Thanks again. As an artist and painter I’m sure you have a better understanding of colour so it’s good to hear your feedback. This building is usually closed to the public but was opened during The Festival of The Mind so all of these were taken while the building had people milling around. Getting a shot of the central spiral staircase with no one on it was nearly impossible. I think my shot of the spiral staircase has one person on it but you have to look hard to spot them.
      I realised that I may not have access again to what is now a listed building so I visited the building over a couple of days. During that time I managed to capture a lot of images. I spent a bit of time in the wooden panelled Board Room which still has its original old drinks cabinet!
      Castle House holds a lot of memories for folk who grew up in the city while it was open as a department store. Hopefully I’ve captured a lot of the features that live in those memories. The spiral staircase is one of the features that led to the building becoming listed. Most of the time when closed to the public it has boards covering the features, banisters and rails and had been opened up specially for the festival. I enjoyed creating the little individual galleries of images that I posted this blog and on Postcard Cafe. Best wishes, Mr C 🙂

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