In Praise of Air - Simon Armitage  Sheffield 2014

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More about Air HERE

Listen to:

Air by Talking Heads HERE

Washing The Air by It’s Immaterial HERE

The Air That I Breathe by The Hollies HERE

Photograph by Air HERE


5 thoughts on “Air

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    1. Thank you. This image was shot on a stormy day when the sky was changing really fast and only momentarily offering the chance to shoot without full cloud cover. I took a number of shots and it was the type of clouds in this one that sealed the deal. Within a few minutes of taking the picture the sky completely clouded over and turned grey. It was one of those moments when I was rewarded for keeping my camera with me 😉 Best wishes, Mr Cafe

    1. I had a whole heap of songs featuring “air” but decided to keep the links to just a few but thought something by Air was appropriate… 🙂 Thanks for your comments….

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