Cannot See The Words For The Trees

Listen to: Words by The Bee Gees HERE

(Today in the UK registered electors will be invited to vote in their local and european parliamentary elections.    In a gesture of political pondering Little Bits of Sheffield will publish one image every hour until the polling stations close)


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    1. Thanks for all your comments. I must confess I have had to dig into my archive for some of todays images. The playhouse and the bored teenagers date back to 2010 I think! I always have a camera with me so sometimes I chance upon things while I’m out and about and others are taken when I’ve gone out specifically to take photographs. I like the term roving lensman. That should have been the name of my blog 😉

      1. You just seem to have the ability yo find those tiny things most of us miss as we go about our daily lives. That’s why I love you blog so much, it’s a fresh pair of eyes on the world. Keep taking that camera with you on your travels Mr Cafe.

      2. I’m pleased to hear that, today has been a feast for the eyes as far as you blog has been concerned. Still waiting for that final post though…

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