“Ever Get The Feeling You’ve Been Cheated”


Hear what Mr Lydon has to say  HERE  (it’s only 9 seconds long!)

As the polling stations close so too do the political ponderings of Little Bits of Sheffield.  Thank you for your forbearance and my apologies to those who may have found todays non stop blogging rather annoying.  I will now leave you in peace.  Thank you and goodnight 🙂


5 thoughts on ““Ever Get The Feeling You’ve Been Cheated”

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  1. Brilliant. A great sentiment to finish off today’s excellent series with. Well done Mr Cafe.

  2. I think I slept through some of your voting day….But sometimes choices aren’t what they seem. Our federal election showed that to many unsuspecting Liberal Party voters. So Johnny Rotten get the last word! What is the world coming to? The punks were right?

    1. Have politicians lost the trust of the electorate? Many people in the UK no longer vote because they feel betrayed and unrepresented. It is said that the people we have elected for decades have destroyed democracy and lined their own wallets and purses. That career politicians no longer represent the interests of the people who vote for them. Are politics in the UK divisive rather than cohesive? Are honesty and integrity qualities which have been replaced by spin, ego, hate and corporate hospitality! I don’t know that I have the answers. I don’t know if Johnny Rotten is right and I don’t know if people feel cheated. A wise man once said if the workings of a watch are broken it can no longer tell the right time. Maybe we are desperately in need a watch repairer 🙂 Best wishes and goodnight….

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