Power Corruption & Lies

Power Corruption and Lies

Tomorrow in the UK registered electors will be invited to vote in their local and european parliamentary elections.    In a gesture of un-affiliated political pondering Little Bits of Sheffield will from the time polling stations open until they close publish one image every hour.  This blog-post is a precursor and a warning about the shower of blog posts which will appear on this site during voting hours.  My apologies if the increased traffic is at all annoying.  The title of this post is of course a reminder about much of the questionable political posturing and infighting from all parties participating in tomorrows elections.   If you are outside of the UK then please be assured normal service will be resumed following the elections.  Thank you for your patience.

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    1. You might be the only one who is looking forward to the hourly posts. I suspect some people may find it annoying hence the forewarning! Each post has a title taken from a song with a link beneath the image to take you to hear the music. It is important to participate in elections no matter who you vote for or even if you spoil your paper. I hope my hourly posts draw a bit of interest and debate. If not I hope visitors will ponder on the various possible political interpretations of the images and music I’ve chosen. If you don’t listen to any of the music I do recommend you listen to the last one – It’ll make you smile 😉

      1. I do think it’s a great idea, anything that motivates people to get off their backsides and go to vote is very worthy of participation. I’ll be sure to check the last post with interest. By the way, Power, Corruption & Lies is one of favourite new Order LPs.

      2. I was a big New Order fan and of course I borrowed the title from their album. I went to see Hookey give a talk a few years back at the Off The Shelf festival. He was a great speaker and very funny. I got his book and he got a set of Postcard Cafe postcards!

      3. A fair swap if I may say so. I like Hooky too, he’s certainly a funny and very self effacing chap. I was a huge New Order fan from back in the 80s, saw them twice too.

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