Dear Eric

1. Discarded Postcard S3

2. Discarded Postcard S3

Discarded postcard found trampled underfoot in Ball Street, Sheffield S3.  

The first image is as found.  The second was taken in the same location after turning the card to see the picture.



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    1. Thank you for your comment. A citizen archivist I may be but I am left with a dilemma I couldn’t leave the card to be destroyed underfoot so I now have the card am unsure what to do with it. Any suggestions are welcome. Best wishes…

    1. I’m sure you have walked down this street many times and it could just as well have been you who found the card! It seemed appropriate to document the find but equally it felt appropriate not to leave it on the street so I now have to decide what to do with the card! Any suggestions are welcome…

    1. It was certainly rather odd to chance upon something that is nearly 100 years old! I definitely had a sense of time travel. The card is post-marked Huddersfield and sent to North Wales and turns up trampled on a street in Sheffield! There is a story in the card and photograph and I felt compelled to add a chapter to the story so in answer to your question I didn’t leave it on the street. Quite what I should do with it I’m not sure. I welcome your suggestions?

      1. I think it’s great that this old postcard has a new home with you and Postcard Cafe even if monetary-wise it’s not worth a lot, so definitely keep it unless you somehow find out it’s been unintentionally mislaid.
        I checked E-Bay and the same but in good condition postcard was listed in Australia for A$10.69.
        Reading the post I was peering at the name of the addressee trying to decipher it, itching to Google search that and any other combinations of the details, so that’s what I would do if you are inclined, just out of interest as I’d guess from the circumstances your card had been discarded.
        The G.O. and I found a box of discarded stuff on the footpath containing an evening bag which contained a place card for a wedding reception and a farewell card. Via Google searching I was able to track their provenance to a lady who had died but at a good old age.

    1. Yes, I enjoyed my moment of time travel. Finding something on the street which is almost 100 years old is bound to provide a moment of reflection. Innocence in the depths of war thrown onto the streets of Sheffield! Definitely something to ponder or at very least to document.

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