A Little Bit of Sheffield No.10

10. S is for Sheffield 2014

9 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Sheffield No.10

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    1. Wow! Thanks for all your encouraging comments and taking time to leave them. No.10 is the last in the series. Well at
      least as far as “S” goes. Perhaps I’ll do an H series later in the year!
      Yes, I’m happier having changed to a new theme for this blog – A makeover was well overdue.
      In an attempt to keep things fresh for 2014 I’ve also changed the theme on Postacrd Cafe πŸ˜‰
      Best wishes, N

  1. what will happen when you get to f? nice theme by the way, it is quite difficult to chose one, to best showcase the work, i am a fan of minimlistic themes!

    1. I may well do all the letters of Sheffield but it may mean a double dose of E’s and F’s and I’m not sure people will want quite so many letters popping up in their in-trays!
      Theme selection is a tricky business. LBoS was due a makeover so I tried a lot out and after lots of indecision settled for the one showing now. I’m pretty happy with it. I think its good to change things occasionally and keep things fresh πŸ™‚
      I’ve also put Postcard Cafe in a new theme!

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