Gibbet. S9

Gibbet.  Sheffield S9


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    1. This is part of a pub called the Noose And Gibbet Inn:
      On the website it explains that the pub is only 60 yards (although I think they mean miles) from the site where the last man in England was hanged….
      “The Noose & Gibbet Inn is only 60 yards from the place where the last man in England was hanged (at Tyburn near York in 1792) and then transported to Sheffield where he was placed on a gibbet for all to see.

      (That man was Spence Broughton from Sleaford in Lincolnshire who had been convicted of robbing the London Mail Train).

      A major entertainment event, it is recorded that the boys of the Old Grammar School in Sheffield joined the other citizens in a general holiday to ‘enjoy’ the occasion. It wasn’t until 1867 that the actual gibbet was found during the course of excavations.

      Now, the name of Spence Broughton is to be seen around The Noose & Gibbet, adding a unique atmosphere to this charismatic pub brimming with modern day features and true value.”

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