Nigel + His Camera. S1

Nigel  & Camera.  Sheffield S1

Drawing by Fr3bo

Listen to:  Making Plans For Nigel By Pitchshifter HERE

Making Plans for Nigel was originally done by XTC.  They later made a song called Dear God which can be heard HERE

If you would like to hear Sarah McLachlan sing  Dear God you’ll find her HERE 

or if you want something with a bit more metal then click HERE

You can listen to a Letter From God by Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip HERE

14 thoughts on “Nigel + His Camera. S1

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    1. The drawing was done by a local artist who goes by the name of Fr3bo and she has captured my likeness very well. I was most happy when I found it to capture with my camera before the derelict building is closed up for good. Yesterdays post was also courtesy of Fr3bo 😉 Best wishes, 😀

      1. He certainly did a good job, great photo too. Hope you have a great weekend too, must grab a coffee at some point if you fancy.

      2. Oops! My apologies to Fr3bo. I could always blame my spellchecker but that would far too lazy. Drop me a line and I’ll see you soon.

    1. Yes, the drawing is a very good likeness. The person who drew it didn’t even tell me it was there! She works under the name of Fr3bo and also drew the character in the post previous to this one. I felt privileged to have been drawn by her. I have featured some of her work on this blog many months ago… Best wishes from the man who wears his camera around his ankles…. 😉

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