The Limit. S1

The Limit.  Sheffield S1

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  1. Trust me, “Iconic” is not how most people who went to any shows there would label it, only folk with a vested interest in making money from the name! But it is another example of Sheffield Council’s willingness to tear down interesting and useful buildings (it was in the basement of an early co-op warehouse) for a mediocre and overbearing replacement, the retail part of which has never ever been let in twenty years!

    1. I was not in Sheffield when the Limit was open but have heard lots of stories from people who went there. It sounds like the sort of place I’d have enjoyed. I think most towns and cities had their own clubs very much like the Limit and for many people the memories from these places live strong. I’m not sure if it is iconic or not but despite it’s sticky floors I know people in Sheffield who talk of the great times they had there. Thank you for your comment and information. Best wishes, 🙂

      1. It was certainly one of the few places where you could see bands in the kind of punk / new wave era, especially local groups looking for the first rung of the ladder, but there was also The Broadfield on Abbeydale Road which local groups could play. Also the University had a stage in the refectory (saw the first Talking Heads tour there) with a smaller one for local bands – I have all the flyers somewhere. I missed a few crucial Limit years as I was in Manchester when punk really broke. And no, I didn’t go to the Pistols’ debut gig there (the only person in the whole city not to by the looks of things!). Heady days.

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