Plastic Pollution. S4

Plastic Bag.  Sheffield S4

Read about the impact of plastic on the environment at PlasticOceans  HERE

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  1. One bag doesn’t seem much but there are islands of the stuff out there “hidden”. In South Australia plastic bags are not offered freely at the checkout any longer. Some small towns are claiming to have a total ban on plastic bags.

    1. I’m pleased that people are waking up to the environmental issues surrounding plastic bags. I know there are islands of plastic debris floating around in the sea causing all sorts of problems to wildlife. Perhaps Australia is a little more forward thinking than many european countries. My photograph was a snap shot that I enjoyed taking of a plastic bag “dancing” in the wind. Despite the fact that I was caught up in it’s dance I was very aware that it was just rubbish and would settle somewhere to add to the litter that fills our streets. It is important to see that one bag is part of the problem, just as it is important to see that one person can be part of the solution! Thank you for your comment, best wishes 🙂

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