Donkin. S1

Donkin.  Sheffield S1

29/7/13 – UPDATE – Thanks to Simon for his comment about Bryan Donkin.  Click HERE to read about the fascinating Bryan Donkin

Watch:  Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders teach Donk how to play the intro to I bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor  HERE

Read about Shane Meadows 2009 film Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee  HERE


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    1. I loved all the early Arctic Monkeys tunes but I failed to keep up with their output. Another wonderful musician from Sheffield that is often overlooked is Richard Hawley. He played with Pulp for a while and is friends with Jarvis Cocker and of course Alex from Arctic Monkeys. His last album Staring At The Sky’s Edge rocks out but his earlier output is far more subtle and unique. The album Coles Corner brought him to everyones attention and he hasn’t looked back since. Coles Corner , Lowedges, Trueloves Gutter and Ladys Bridge are all places in Sheffield and also names of his albums. He is hugely respected as a musician and producer and has worked with everyone from Nancy Sinatra to Duane Eddy! The link I have included in this reply takes you to a beautiful version of a song you will know! (perhaps not typical of Richards style but it’s worth hearing all the same 😉

  1. This will be Bryan Donkin, the huge engineering firm and valve maker based in Chesterfield until just a few years ago. They shut around 2001 (the business was taken over and moved away) after 100 years or so in the city. The founder was the first guy to successfully can tinned food commercially! The site is an architecturally twee overdeveloped residential eyesore today…

    1. BRILLIANT! I had no idea about Bryan Donkin! What a man. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have just updated the post with a link to the life of Bryan Donkin. Your comments are very welcome and you may soon be officially promoted to become Little Bits of Sheffield Historical Adviser! Best wishes, 🙂

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