Safe From Harm

Sanctuary.  Phlegm Sheffield

Listen to: Safe From Harm by Massive Attack  HERE

Visit Phlegm HERE


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  1. Another great shot – and another brilliant track. I love these art/music connections you’ve been making recently.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I cannot promise to sustain the musical connections but I do enjoy offering the links. I think the Massive Attack track fits perfectly with Phlegms painting and was pleased when I put the two together. I love the painting and saw it first last year and revisited it again last week. I love his work and his new book is nothing short of brilliant! Get it while you can (but don’t get it on ebay as it is still readily available 😉 Best wishes, N

      1. Phlegm has unfortunately suspended sales of his book temporarily, the eBay vultures are already circling and offering up copies for up to £75! I’ll keep an eye open for its return as I don’t like to line the pockets of such people. Keep those connections coming in the meantime! All the best.

      2. I saw that ebay has gone mad and a signed copy of the book appears to have sold for £150!!!! It is totally mad and the sellers are clearly only in it for money making.
        Phlegms book is readily available at two shops in Sheffield – At The Old Sweet Shop and also at Rare and Racy. I shot these photographs yesterday:
        Phlegm has also stocked a shop in London. I’m not sure if any of these are selling mail order but it could be worth a try if you are unable to get to the shops in person. I understand that Phlegm is off painting for a while but I reckon he will put some more up. I know he has done a big print run to reduce the ebay flipping.

      3. This sort of activity is a disgrace, I’ve encountered similar things many times over the years when buying LPs and it just makes me angry. This kind of scum don’t appreciate what they’re selling as art, just profit. I’ve bought several pieces from The Old Sweet Shop in the past so I think I’ll make a trip over there tomorrow and pick up a copy, thanks for the tip. I’d rather Phlegm have my money than a worthless opportunist trying to make a few quid on the back of someone else’s talent and hard work.

      4. In my blog post about The Old Sweet Shop there is a phone number on the flyer photograph. They are open today so it might be worth checking what their opening times are during the week. I’ve a feeling they are closed on Mondays and possibly even Tuesdays as well. The owner should be there today so you could check times and plan your visit. The book is rather brilliant and you get a real sense of the love that he puts into his work. I cannot even start to contemplate the hours that have gone into making it from the drawing alone but he also hand printed and embossed the covers! I fully expected it to be more than £25 and would happily pay more if Phlegm had set his price higher. He wants his work to be affordable and that is testament to the spirit in which he works. The ebay culture of flipping his work is counter to what his artwork is all about. Your trip to buy one from the old sweet shop will be rewarded with a book that you’ll want to treasure 😉

      5. I’ve just made a quick call and they’ve confirmed plenty of copies in stock. I’m just setting off to collect one now! Thanks for the tips, I appreciate it. I know this book will take pride of place on my shelves.

      6. I ended up making two journeys after my friend saw what I had bought! I also bought a print from the rather amazing Tom Newell exhibition and spent a while chatting to him about art, music and books. A very pleasurable way to spend a balmy Sunday afternoon. I suspect a post may well follow. I didn’t know you had postcards on sale there, I must have another look on my next visit as I confess to being a little blinded by Tom’s work today. I’ve been looking through Phlegm’s book for the past hour and it’s the most fantastic, imaginative, detailed work I’ve seen by him yet. I’ll definitely be spending a lot of time with this one. Thanks so much for the tip today, I really appreciate it.

      7. Good work. The book is a real treat and to have added one of Toms prints is a double treat! If you feel like going for a third treat then drop me a line through my blog contact page with your address and I’ll happily send you some postcards free of charge! Yep – lets keep them good vibes in the airwaves. Don’t worry if you prefer not to send you address but at least you know the offer was there.
        The Phlegm book made me very happy. I love that he has printed the cover on off-white to give it a candle lit feel and that there are no words at all in the whole book – with the exception of one! The artwork is incredible but the way the whole book is presented makes reflects the quality of his artwork – Totally considered and from the heart. I know that he worked very closely with the printers who just happen to be fans of his work so they were keen to get it right. Spread the word that the books are readily available so that people don’t feel tempted to hit ebay. Best wishes, N 🙂

      8. I can’t put this book down, it’s so detailed that things keep revealing themselves the more I look. The fold out panel at the end is truly jaw dropping and even the cover feels like it’s been engraved. The stamped Phlegm seal at the bottom is fantastic, the whole thing is so tactile. You can certainly tell that this has been laboured over in every single detail, a true work of art. I’ll happily send on my details too, I appreciate your very kind offer to send some postcards.

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