Paristocrat. S1

Paris 75018.  Sheffield S1

Listen to beautiful piano music:  Paristocrat by Gonzales HERE


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  1. I was lucky to see Gonzales play in Sheffield quite a few years ago when he was still using his ‘Chilly Gonzales’ alter-ego. The sight of this huge skinny Canadian wearing a safari suit/pith helmet combo, rapping like a potty mouthed school-kid then playing his beautiful piano interludes in front of a confused audience was an absolute joy!

    1. Wow! That sounds briliant. I love it when a performer confounds an audiences expectations. Safari suit and pith helmet is always a good look!!! Where did he play? I once saw Jonathan Richman play at what used to be called The Venue in London (many many years ago). In fact the Flying Pickets were the support act! Anyway I was expecting JR and the Modern Lovers or similar band set up. Instead he came on with just an acoustic guitar. He performed two songs with his guitar and then performed the rest of his two hour set acapella without his guitar and the Modern Lovers were no where in sight! He ended up crawing round the stage on all fours singing I’m a Little Dinosaur. Most loved it and sang along but there were elements of the audience that looked simply bemused to say the least. I’ve seen him lots of times since and every time has been a different experience. The acapella performance was one of the most memorable. I also remember seeing Nick Cave in the audience that night! 🙂

      1. It must have been around 2002 at one of the many Uni sponsored venues around Sheffield. He’d just put out a rather amusing rap LP and was starting to make a name for himself so the audience was expecting a night of straight up hip hop… how wrong they were. He was clearly working to his own agenda, looking like a reject from a 60s safari movie and playing elaborate piano pieces between his wonky raps. He was also supported by a shortlived local band called Fat Truckers who were confusingly brilliant too – kind of Suicide meets The Fall via Can. The Jonathan Richman gig sounds intriguing, I’m a firm believer that bands should always put on some kind of show – even if that means alienating most of the audience in the process. It’s not about pyrotechnics and video screens for me I’m afraid, give me an evening of screw ups, breakdowns and confounded expectations any day of the week!

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