Back To Basics. S3

Scissors & Stone.  Sheffield S3

Scissors hand-made in Sheffield since 1902 HERE

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  1. Always liked these slabs of public sculpture, though never dared risk life and limb to cross that mad flow of traffic to investigate closer (and always wondered which of our demolished buildings the stone was pulled from!). Do we know who did them? I kind of feel they deserve a better site than stuffed on the middle of a busy roundabout…

    1. Thanks for your comment. I think you are right about them being in the wrong place. They are almost wasted where they are and I bet most people wouldn’t recognise the location as you did. It sounds like the stones were already there and the sculpted bits added later? All I have found about the sculptures is here: It’s a shame that so much great artwork in Sheffield is to be found in obscure locations where only few will see them. It’s good that the site linked here exists as at least it goes some way to documenting Sheffield public art works. Here is a link to an earlier post of a hidden treasure that I’m guessing few people have seen Do you know where this is? How’s that for a challenge? Best wishes, N

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