Reflection. Sheffield S4

My apologies to anyone who may have clicked through on the link of my last entry and found it inappropriate.  I actually scheduled the blog entry (and link) on WordPress yesterday before the horrific events in Boston.  I realised today while away from my computer (after the post went live on my blog) that it may appear to have been posted with knowledge of the bombings.  This is not the case.   Overnight the context of the blog post had completely changed.  I meant no offence.  (After returning home I have now removed the blog post and link).   


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    1. I read that you are safe and my thoughts are of course with the victims and families of those caught up in the attack.
      I’m pleased that you didn’t click the link. On any other day it wouldn’t have had any associations with the present. I was really worried when I realised that it was scheduled at a time when I had no access to my computer. On my return it felt right just to delete the whole post but that doesn’t prevent those who subscribe by email seeing it. The video was by a Northern Irish band from the late 70’s called Stiff Little Fingers. They were brought up during the troubles and bombings in Belfast in the 70’s and 80’s. The video reflected the city in which they lived and had footage of the troubles. On any other day the link would have simply been a brief insight to events from years gone by. With the events in Boston the whole blog post suddenly had a different context and it was only when I got home that I was able to pull the plug on it. At the weekend I had been to see a brilliantly inspiring and uplifting true story film about Terri Hooley who against all the odds set up a record store and label in the most bombed out street in Northern Ireland. The backdrop to his life and the film were the terrible bombings and atrocities present in Belfast at the time. However the film was about the human spirit and the power of music and the individual in bringing people together. (I guess that was another reason why the music link was in my mind).
      I really don’t know how a city like Boston begins to recover from something like this and I’m sure it will change the city forever. Events such as this throw our everyday lives and worries into perspective. Perhaps some of the healing starts with togetherness and the good that something as horrific as this can bring out in our communities. (I hope that doesn’t sound too trite). Take good care, N

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