My Baby Love Love Loves Me* S3

Kiss.  Sheffield S3

*Listen and watch a fantastic live performance of My Baby Love Love Loves Me  HERE

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  1. Great performance! I hadn’t heard this before; I only really know the ’70s hits so I’ll check out more. I think that I prefer the picture withut the pink background 🙂

    1. I have seen JR play many times over the years and each time it has been very different. The first time I saw him play (without a band or drummer) he sang two songs with his guitar and then carried on for about two hours just singing acapella! It was back in about 1980 and Nick Cave was in the audience! The memory lives strong – Ah those were the days. By the end of the concert he was crawling around the stage singing I’m a little dinasaur!!! John Peel once said he thought Jonathan Richman was the original punk rocker and in lots of ways I’d agree with him. I have a stack of his music. Occasionally I’ll find a gem like the video linked to this post which shows him as the musical genius he is. I can always pass you some of his music if you are interested 😉 Thanks for your comment about the photo. I felt the pink did little to enhance the piece and also they look a bit 1940’s so I felt a sort-of-sepia treatment might work! Have a good easter, best wishes, N

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