Rag Doll* S3

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*Rag Doll originally sung by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons listen HERE to the wonderfully epic version by Kevin Rowland.

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  1. Nice one, I would like this of course wouldn’t I, all things feminine! Will go listen to Kevin’s version. BTW I saw Frankie Valli at Sheffield years ago!

    1. Ah, Good to hear you saw Frankie and The Four Seasons. No doubt a whole lot better than going to see the musical! Kevins version comes from an album called My Beauty which were songs that inspired and lifted him when he hit rock bottom after Dexys Midnight Runners. Rumour has it that My Beauty only sold about 500 copies (and I bought two!). I think people were scared by the fact his comeback saw him wearing a dress! It shouldn’t have come as a surprise as Dexys had various incarnations wearing everything from dockers caps, dungarees and suits. My beauty is a great album and one which most people will never get to hear – hence the excuse to link people to Rag Doll with this blog post. It is an epic song with Kevins vocals delivering as always. I hope you enjoyed listening to it. I’ll keep an eye on your blog but it doesn’t appear that you have email subscription? One of the reasons I like wordpress is that it is easy for people to subscribe simply by adding their email address. Is there a widget that you can pop in to your blog that might make email subscription possible? Best wishes, N

  2. Ah yes, email, I took a lot of the usual stuff off and stripped my blog back to the bare essentials, didn’t want to know about number of ‘followers’ etc. not keen on competition just those I really gel with! For that reason also I don’t like my email littered with blog post notification, I find the blog roll is more convenient for me. Having said that my email is in ‘about’. (which needs attention), I’m going to restructure the blog one day soon :~)

    I listened to Kevin – great, started my morning off on a bright note, thanks for the info.

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