Harvest Time. S8


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    1. Yes! – It was taken about a mile from the city centre. Many people still think of Sheffield as a grey as the steel it is famous for but Sheffield is one of the UKs greenest cities with more trees per head of population than any other city! It has over 80 public parks! This was taken on an allotment which is part of one of the largest allotment sites in Europe. Sheffield has over 3000 allotments and most have waiting lists for people wanting to use them. They make for great photography opportunities with makeshift buildings, sheds and other mad structures. Cheers, N

      1. more trees per head than any other city? that sounds very green indeed 😉
        allotments are a very big thing here in berlin, too. i have no numbers, though. the latest addition might be the allmende on the ex-airport tempelhof directly on the flight field. this is very photogenic also…

  1. It certainly looks as though the harvest has been cleaned out! The image has a really old feel. It’s a bit reminiscent of Peter Rabbit without the sweetness.

    1. The scarecrow suggested somewhere far more rural and the subject reminded me of times gone by so it seemed natural to process the image to give it a more vintage feel. Thanks for your comments. Best wishes, PC

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