Gold Rush. S1

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    1. Emas work is great. She recently had a gallery exhibition which featured her paintings, drawings and print work. Some of the artwork was finished with gold leaf! I’m used to seeing her street work so it was a real treat to see her studio work. The wall piece in this image looks great in the sunshine and the gold really glistens and I’m not sure my photograph captures it terribly well. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, PC

      1. I see the gold now! My overwhelming impression had been the landscape – mountains and clouds but in sea colours, so I was sold right away. How extravagant. I liked the installation at Ema’s gallery show with her famous drops coming out of paint tins. there is a quirky humour about her work.

      2. The location of this wall means that it is either bathed in bright sunlight or in shadow and catching it at a moment to obtain the glistening of gold is quite tricky. It has now been sealed off from public access so I’m glad I at least have a few shots of it.
        Some of Emas work does have humour woven into it.
        I first discovered her street work without knowing anything about her back in 2010. She put up a whole lot of “Drop Men” except I didn’t know that’s what they were called. They really made me smile. Here is a link to my other blog where I posted them:
        Click HERE
        I ended up sending Ema some of my photographs including this one of her Teddy Boy in the snow: Click HERE and a few of them ended up in her limited edition fanzine!

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