Posters, Park Hill Flats, S2

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    1. Thanks for taking time to drop in and for your comment.
      These are old posters. I took the photo a couple of years ago and the posters have completely gone now. They are right for this blog as a way of sharing them. At the time I tried accessing the website at the foot of the posters but without success. More than that i do not know. I like to think that the people on the posters are in some way connected with the flats. Perhaps ex residents since most of the flats are lying empty. Search Park Hill Flats Sheffield on the internet. It’s a huge complex of concrete flats – Once the largest in Europe. The building is being renovated because it is a listed building. I have thousands of photographs of the flats. Some of them feature on my other blog Postcard Cafe – click on the link which is barely readable —> Postcard Cafe (just search for Park Hill).

  1. Hi PC. The posters in this form remind me of Kathe Kollwitz and wartime grimness. How different my reaction was without the whole image. Powerful works with a touch of lyrical beauty still there! thanks for helping me find this page – you have quite an archive.

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