Shoe Stacking, S11

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  1. That is a custom here as well. Love the point of view and composition. You have made those old shoes into a thing of beauty. I also like your new wordpress theme, but I’m confused because on my phone a fabulous image entitled Matt is featured on the first page??

    1. Thank you for your comments. The shoes were spining in the wind and I took them from lots of angles and this was the shot I thought worked best. It’s virtually uncropped. Do you have a name for “shoe stacking” – which is a term that as far as I know I made up!
      I think the new Selecta theme works so much better for the blog and I’m very happy with how it functions. I had two other themes before arriving at this one. I think this is the most successful. I hope it’s more inviting and engaging as well as easy to use. With the Selecta theme it’s possible to select up to 5 images “stickies” to have on the front page. Matt apears on the front page as well as in the archives.. I have done a set of 12 postcards and Matt is is included because I’m really pleased with that shot! Again, pretty much as taken without any cropping.

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